66 days on the roads of America.

After 10 weeks or 66 days road tripping in the United States driving more than 6000 miles across 11 states, slept in 33 hotels, visited 45 cities, went to 16 national parks, spent around 50 hours in the greyhound, I sadly took a plane back to Europe 2 weeks ago.
I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to experienced this amazing journey in such a beautiful country like America. It was my first time there and I wish I never left as I deeply felt at home.
It was such a lifetime experience who thought me a lot of things on a cultural level but more importantly on a human side. I see life with new eyes now and
I am a much stronger person than I was 3 months ago when I took this plane to New York.
All has left now it’s unforgettable memories, tons and tons of photographs and a few videos to remember the marvelous time we had there.
When I look at this video I have got goose bump everywhere. I just can’t believe we done and seen all those things. It’s like we had a dream. A very long and beautiful dream that we will never forget and be forever in our mind and part of who we are.


VIDEO : Suzy Wolf
MUSIC : The Brian Jonestown Massacre – The devil may care
LOCATION : America



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