A Guide to San Luis Obispo, California.


When : 10 – 12 June 2015 (2 nights and 2 days)
How : By car from Santa Barbara, 94 miles, 1h45 
How much I spent : 
$140 / 127€ in total

San Luis Obispo was one of the nicest surprise of our road trip. We didn’t plan to go there in the first place and to be honest we never heard of it before but we wanted to pay a visit to the famous and outrageous Madonna Inn without knowing where it was really located. It turned out we fell in love with this peaceful and charming city that is SLO and when we left we wanted to go back already. The city’s motto is “the happiest place in America” and that says a lot about it!

Visiting San Luis Obispo in one day can be totally doable though I recommend two to have plenty of time to enjoy the city and the surroundings and to go to a wine tasting. If you only have one day there I advised you to pick Thursday and this is how you should spend it:

1: Lunch at Madonna Inn
2: Shopping on Higuera Street
2: Late snack ice-cream in Avila beach
3: Sunset at Shell Beach
4: Dinner on the go at the Thursday Farmers’ Market
5: Leave your mark in Bubblegum Alley
6: Enjoy a glass of local wine at Kreuzberg




(website100 Madonna Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

The Madonna Inn is a very kitsch, colorful yet crazy resort that offers a unique and unforgettable experience! Either if you want to sleep in one of their 110 quirky rooms, eat at the fancy Gold Rush Steak House or sip on a cocktail at the Silver Bar Lounge, you will for sure have an amazing time. We had lunch at the Copper Café and try one of their famous and huge slice of cake and it was divine. Highly recommended! See more pictures here.




Higuera was named one of Americas’s best main street and I totally get why! Not only that the shops have a great range of antiques, clothing and accessories, they are also very cute and make all the charm of this street. As you can see, the fairy lights are glowing at night and turns the lovely downtown into a peaceful and intimate place.




We were lucky to be in SLO on a Thursday so we were able to experience the Farmer’s Market that is held on Higuera Street every week from 6 to 9pm. It is the perfect place to try the local specialities on the go while listening to weird live music before heading to a bar for a glass of wine.




Bubble gum alley is one of the most strangest, unusual and smelliest (in a very chewy way) alley I have ever visited. I never thought that already-been-chewed gum stuck on walls could be a piece of art and a major tourist attraction! But there it stands in SLO right off the main street of Higuera and nearly two million pieces of gum adorn the 70-foot-long alley. You want to leave your mark too? Just go to Rocket Fizz, grab a gum, chew and stick!




(website) 685 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

A very nice cafe that roast their own beans every days. You can enjoy your delicious coffee with  food from breakfast to dinner and from 6p.m the lounge menu offers a great choice of beers, wine and tapas. The owners fell in love with the European cafe culture in Germany and they recreated the atmosphere by making the place very cozy and friendly. The perfect place to hang out alone or with friends!




Avila beach is a small but lovely seaside town located just a 15 minutes drive from SLO. The colorful shops and houses give all the charm of this amazing Californian getaway but this is not the reason why it attracts many tourists every year. As a source of natural hot springs, Avila offers a large range of spas, retreats, yoga class and more.




Sunsets at shell beach are pretty spectacular and we were not the only one watching this pure moment of magic. People went there with a picnic (and wine of course) and shared this end of the day with their loved ones in the best way possible. Must see!



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