A new life on the road.

Hat : Fillipo Catarzi
Dress : Spell Designs
Sunglasses : Mod Vintage Shop
Fringe Vest : Asos
Bag : Vintage Sole
Sandals : Andi Bagus

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing just fine! I finally managed to upload an article at the library in Byron Bay. On Tuesday evening of last week, Emilien and I left Melbourne in our brand new home: our beloved van, to go up north to Byron Bay. From Melbourne it’s a 1600km drive and takes up to 20 hours. We decided not to drive on the coast which is more touristic, but in land. We will do the entire east coast later and will take one or two months to do it so we will be able to see and visit everything! So for 4 days we drove in the countryside of Australia and crossed some lovely little towns. We also drove on gravel roads in the middle of the bush and saw a lot of wildlife! It was definitely so much fun and exactly how I imagined it: wild and unpredictable! I will post a little diary with all our pictures and a video of our trip next week.

So we officially live on the road in our van now and for the next few months we will be in Byron Bay. It’s been years since I wanted to visit and it was so exciting to drove up there. We choose to come here right away to do farm work. To be able to get a second year with our working holiday visa we need to do it for 3 months. It’s kind of a big constraint since we both have careers and don’t want to do jobs we used to do when we were teenagers but we don’t have other choice and at the end it’s really worth it! We chose Byron Bay so we would be in a very cool area and after a long and hard day in the fields we would go the most beautiful beaches of the country, chill and relax! It is also for me a great opportunity to do some markets here and sell my handmade designs. The atmosphere is really bohemian and hippy in Byron so it will be the perfect place. Anyway, I will try to post as much as I could but I think it will not be more than once a week. You can still follow our journey on Instagram and Tumblr for daily snaps and some of our favorite things to do and good addresses!

Pictures taken by Emilien Gery.
Location : Melbourne, Australia.

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