A Sunday in the South of France


Hat : American Apparel
Headband : Zara
Dress : Free People
Belt : Vintage
Boots : Nimal 
Bag : The Boho Bazaar


Here is a brand new set of images we shot two weeks ago with my mom in a lovely village located in the south of France. Since I have been back from Australia and a year full of travels all I want to do is to discover my mother country more. I am lucky that I have visited a lot of places in France already but there are so much more I want to see! Beautiful parks and villages are everywhere so there is no way you can get tired of France that fast and I am just getting it and loving it now. This is what I love about Europe, the countries are rich in culture and cities and I am very proud I was born there. It took me 26 years to realize that and I did it by wandering the globe.

So I have decided to visit one new place every week starting from now on and the first location was this lovely village called Mirmande located in the south of France in the county of la Drôme. It is located just 1h from my parents’ house where I currently live for now. There is not much to do except wandering down the village and getting lost in the beautiful narrow streets but it’s all you need on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You can also eat at the restaurant Margot and visit the two lovely shops (pictures and details bellow).

 : Restaurant Margot

TO SHOP : Le Passage / Au gré De Mes Envies 

Photographer : My Mom
Location : Mirmande, France


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