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It’s finally here! Our brand new feathers headbands collection called “A Trip To The Moon”  ETSY SHOP.

To share a little bit of story behind this collection with you guys I’m gonna start from the very beginning. In December 2015 I arrived in Australia with the intention to move there if I’d like it and I’d find a decent job in order to complete with my own business (blog + shop). I stayed in Melbourne for 3 months without finding one but still working on my personal projects. This is where I got the idea of releasing a new range of headbands. I originally wanted it to be ready for festival season in March but when you travel, plans are changing all the time and you can not always stick to it. So after these 3 amazing months in Melbourne we bought a van and decided to go a little bit more North to a boho and surf paradise called Byron Bay. There I finally bought a sewing machine and made the entire collection. As we were living in a car it was kind of tricky to make it as I had to set up a studio with what I got on hands in the middle of the wilderness. The scenery and atmosphere were absolutely amazing but not easy to work because of the wind, mosquitos etc…

After the collection was finished the only thing that was left to do was the shooting. After browsing locations online there was one that really caught my eyes but it was too far from where we were so we would have to wait a little bit longer to get there. Last August we finally made our way to world heritage national park: Mungo, my dream shooting location. We spent 3 days there camping in the park without devices on our phone and it was one of the best experience we had so far. On our first day we ventured to this unknown land to familiarize with it and to scout the best spots for our shooting. After a first day of exploring and a wonderful night of sleep in the wilderness with no humans but animals and millions of stars in the sky, we made our way back to our favorite place and spent a magical afternoon shooting this first part.

I hope you guys will like it as much as we do and feel free to send us your feedback. We always like to hear what you like/don’t like so we can offer you the best selection possible.

P.S: A special thank you to Spell to dress me up!


Photographer : Emilien Gery

Art Direction & Model : Me

Location : Mungo National Park, Australia



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