All things purple

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Kimono : Spell Designs
Top : Spell Designs
Skirt : Spell Designs
Hat : Filippo Catarzi

Hi guys, we just arrived in the South Island of New Zealand and this is true that is one of the world most beautiful ferry. We were really unlucky with the weather though as it was grey and cloudy but it didn’t stop us from watching the breathtaking view from the platform.

Back to Australia with the last set of picture we shot. It was in beautiful Mungo National park a few months ago. We were about to shoot our cookbook for our brand new feathers headband collection but we arrived a bit too late as the sun was already down and we had to shoot 9 items. So instead we took the picture of this lovely outfit, head to toe Spell Desings, that match just perfectly the landscape with these delicate shades of lavender and turquoise. Usually not the kind of colors I wear as I think it is not what suit me the best but it is refreshing to change sometimes and try something new.


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