Broken Hill Travel Diary





Broken Hill was one of the destinations I was really looking forward to see and way before I moved to Australia. I first found out about it in the travel guide book I bought almost 3 years ago. Ans when we arrived at this oasis of a town, after driving 350km in the wild of Australia, it didn’t disappoint!

Broken Hill is the perfect destination to see the life of an Outback town. The highlight of our trip was the sceneries and the magical light of the area. When we shot our first set of pictures (see it here) there we understood why lots of movies and commercial were shot and still are there. The natural light do all the job!

On our first day we wandered into town and discovered the history of it through the old buildings. The red dirt and harsh light has inspired a lot of artists in the area and so you will find a lot of Art Galleries. We had a tour at Mario’s palace hotel that was featured in famous Australian movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. We had a beautiful view over the city from the Line of Lone mine which is located right into town. A heartbreaking miner’s memorial stand on top of the mine which commemorate over 800 miners who lost their lives working the mine. At the end of the day we went to The Living Desert and Sculptures where we did our first shooting. It is located just 9km from town, this park of 2400ha offers a breathtaking scenery that can be visited either by car or hiking. It was the thing we loved the most in Broken Hill.

On our second day we went to Silverton. Located 25km from Broken Hill, this little outback town is where the movies and commercials were all shot. The town doesn’t have much buildings left now and there are only 60 inhabitants living there today. The famous Silverton Hotel is worth stoping for a picture (and a beer) and to see all the memorabilia inside that they’ve kept through the years. The Mundi Mundi Lookout absolutely stunning and it is just a short 9km drive from Silverton. I fell for the old post office building and we used it as a background for our second shooting (see it here).


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