Colorado Dreaming Collection


I am very excited to release our brand new batch of military jackets today called “Colorado Dreaming”! I made all of these rad jackets last December and I can tell you that I have been dying to share them you with you babes since then. I am so happy that the wait is finally over!

I have been thrifting and customizing military jackets for years, even long before I opened a shop on Easy, and it is now our label’s signature! I am pretty proud of those 11 new one-of-a-kind designs so I really hope you will like them too. All the materials I used to make these beautiful boho jackets are vintage, one-of-a-kind and fair-trade. As you all know, I like to promote an eco-friendly label as much as possible so it is very important for me to pick out my suppliers carefully. I can browse the Internet for days and sometimes up to weeks just for that! But it never disappoint when I opened my mail box, unpacked my parcels and find the most beautiful and delicate patches ever.


Photographer : Olivia Wolf
Creative Director/Stylist/Model : Alexe Bec
Location : Le Colorado Provençal 

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