Colorado Train.


Hat : Topshop
Dress : Spell Designs
Shoes : Mjus
Belt : Vintage

Before the Great Sand Dunes we were in Taos in New Mexico. We had to drive 2 hours and half to get to our hotel which were located in Alamosa. Alamosa is the nearest city to the Great Sand. Right after I saw the sign “welcome in colorful Colorado” I saw this wonderful location, an abandoned train station. We really had to turn around to do a photo-shoot there as the far west scenery was just perfect for a set of images! We had the chance it was 8p.m when we arrived so there were no one here, because it seemed like something you have to pay to visit.

Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Colorado.


One thought on “Colorado Train.

  1. Très sympa ce shooting ! Cela me rappelle la série hell on wheels 🙂 J’aime beaucoup la robe.
    Tu es partie aux USA depuis quand et pour combien de temps ? Ton voyage est purement touristique ou c’était aussi professionel ? 🙂

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