Coney island

20150425_0910coney-islandIMG_810020150425_091525042015-IMG_812925042015-IMG_813625042015-IMG_812720150425_091425042015-IMG_813120150425_092220150425_0919✩ I'M WEARING ✩
Sunglasses : Pink Bells
Dress : Free People
Jacket : Missguided
Necklace : Torchlight

Hey there, I hope you are all enjoying a good sunday. Mine started pretty bad as we missed our bus at the Greyhound station in Memphis. We arrived 2 hours in advance though, but they didn’t call our bus! It was the only one which were going to New Orleans today but they managed to find us a solution. Not a good one but at least we didn’t have to stay in Memphis one more night and loose our hotel reservation in New Orleans. It’s 3:30pm and we just board on the the first bus that will take us to the city of Jazz music. We will arrive tomorrow at 5:30am. What a long long trip ! But that means I have got plenty of time to edit my travel pictures and post on both blog and tumblr. Yay!

But for now enough about my misadventures and let’s talk about this set of images we shot in lovely Coney Island. Those pictures are my favorites we’ve taken on our trip so far. We went there last saturday. It was our fifth day in NYC and we enjoyed quite a nice afternoon there!

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Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Coney Island, NYC

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