Davy Crockett Ranch.


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Beret : Paris' tourist shop
Cape : Topshop
Jeans : Cheap Monday
Belt : Vintage
Boots : A.S 98

Hey guys ! A couple of weeks ago you may have seen on my Instagram that I went to Disneyland Paris where I stayed 2 days with my whole family. It was my sixth time there and I really had a marvelous time! It was so nice to share this moment with my 5 years old little brother for it’s first time in park. Disneyland is such a wonderful, magical and mesmerizing place where you feel like everything is possible.

We stayed at the Davy Crockett Ranch which is perfect for families. You will enjoy your stay in a lovely woodland cabin located into the earth of nature, surrounded by forest. The perfect scenery! The only thing is that this hotel is not as near as the other ones so there are no Disney shuttles who came get you. You have to come by car otherwise you will have to take a taxi to go to the park.

Photographed by Roman.


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