Disneyland’s Paris Travel Diary.


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Here is some pictures of my trip to Disneyland Paris. I can really feel all the magic again just by looking at those pictures! Disneyland is certainly one of the best place on earth where you can totally loose yourself, forget about everything that is going on wrong in your life and really enjoy the moment without thinking about anything else at all! I am so grateful to had make it with my family this time and enjoyed this little trip with my two little brothers, we had so much fun together!

And I finally got to go to Annette’s diner for the very first time and it was quite nice actually! Even tough I am not a big fan of burgers and all kind of junk food, I do love milkshakes and diners. The waiters are gliding around skates to bring you some authentic american cuisine while the jukebox is playing some rad music! This restaurant is definitely a must seen while in Disneyland Paris!

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