Elafonissi, a Paradise on earth.


IMG_1263IMG_1333IMG_1388IMG_1289IMG_1250IMG_1386IMG_1281IMG_1253IMG_1365IMG_1368IMG_1408IMG_1285IMG_1409IMG_1278IMG_1411IMG_1383IMG_1321I'M WEARING ✩
Top : Pepe Jean's
Skirt : Vila
Sandals : Zalando

As I told you in my previous article I’ve had some issues with editing my travel pictures.
For today’s article I wondered quite a long time if I wanted or not to update those photos. But seriously, I could I not show you guys this little piece of heaven that is Elafonissi Beach! It’s by far the most wonderful beach I have ever seen in my whole life!

This place is so surreal that you almost feel like you are far off on a different planet! You have to see it for yourselves to really understand what I mean because the pictures do not reflect the reality as much I would like to. But what is real on those pictures, is for sur the color of the sea. The water was so clear that we could have thought swimming in a huge pool.

It feels so good to spent some time there because the change of scenery is really unbelievable. The original thing is that the beaches are surrounded by mountains so when you are chilling out in the hot water you can either watch them or the endless sea in front of you.

My next post will be the last from my Crete chapter (finally, ha ha) where I will share all the good addresses I wen to.

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