Endless desert collection Part 1.

IMG_9843IMG_9841IMG_9851IMG_9839Black feathers headband with aztec ribbon & Purple floral print kimono

IMG_9815IMG_9823IMG_9827IMG_9824IMG_9836Black feathers headband with floral print ribbon & Purple floral print kimono

IMG_9971IMG_9966IMG_9939IMG_9982IMG_9981IMG_9979Turquoise feathers headband & White peacock kimono

IMG_9990IMG_0007IMG_9987IMG_9991IMG_9988IMG_0013Orange feathers headband & White peacock kimono

20150607_306720150607_3060-220150607_307120150607_3069Blue feathers headband

20150607_310720150607_308220150607_310520150607_310220150607_3085Grey feathers headband

Dress : Free People
Crochet Dress : Spell Designs
Sandals : Free People

After many teasing on Instagram and Facebook our new collection “Endless Desert” is finally here. If you followed my trip in the US on my social platforms you already know that we shot the lookbook in a few national parks. We only shot in the desert scenery so that’s how I got the name actually.


Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon & Joshua Tree.


One thought on “Endless desert collection Part 1.

  1. wow i adore this series so much
    i adore that all your styles, Looks and pics are so unique <3
    wow i am speechless you are so inspiring

    hope you visit my blog too <3

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