Festival 15′ collection lookbook !


IMG_6905IMG_6913IMG_6917Black kimono + Black concho hat band

IMG_7022IMG_7017IMG_7033Grey kimonoBlack concho hat band

IMG_6996IMG_6997IMG_6990Black and grey peacock kimonoBlack concho hat band

IMG_6949IMG_6948IMG_6951Orange and black peacock kimono + Black concho hat band

IMG_7089IMG_7072IMG_7079Brown peacock kimono

IMG_7048IMG_7057IMG_7049Brown floral kimono 

IMG_7109IMG_7122Black and orange paisley kimono + Brown concho hat band.

Black and blue paisley kimono + Brown concho hat band.

Hat : Missguided
Belt : Vintage
Dress : Vila
Heels : Asos

Hey guys, I hope everything is fine! You probably may have seen it on my social medias that I am currently in New York. I arrived on Monday. It’s the first time ever that I visit this city and I have to tell you that we are having the time of our lives! I’ll post my first article in a few days so I will tell you more about my amazing Manhattan experience.

But before that let’s talk about our brand new kimonos collection. There are 10 brand new beautiful designs that you can now shop in our Etsy shop. The particularity of this collection is that I used viscose fabrics to make them so they are less expensive than the silk ones. They all cost under 100€ so I hope everyone will find the right piece for themselves in our shop.

Pictures taken by Emilien Gery



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