Flamingo’s land


IMG_7322IMG_7335IMG_7354IMG_7341IMG_7348IMG_7325IMG_7353IMG_7352IMG_7278IMG_7287IMG_7293IMG_7294IMG_7284✩ I'M WEARING ✩
Hat : American Apparel
Fringe Vest : Missguided
Blouse : Spell Designs
Sunglasses : Pink Bells
Skinny jeans : Salsa
Boots : Zara
Necklace : Eco Design Project

In one week from now I’ll be in Bruxelles (Belgium), waiting for my plane to fly me to New York. For those who don’t know yet I am going on a 6 weeks road trip to America with my friend Olivia. We’ll be hitting the American roads starting from New York crossing the states all the way to Las Vegas. Make sure to follow our adventures on my Instagram and via the Tumblr I just opened for this trip and the many other ones to come, where I’ll be sharing tips, addresses, quotes, photos etc…

We took those pictures with Emilien last week-end in the south of France. We went to Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer to rest and relax for a little while which we perfectly did by the way! This little French city is just the perfect place to recharge your batteries and think about nothing else than the present moment.

Pictures taken by Emilien Gery
Location : Pont de Gau’s ornithological park



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