Floral kimonos for sale in our shop!

05072014-20140705_8697-205072014-20140705_8704-2Black & red vintage floral kimono & Pink feathers headdress

05072014-20140705_8671-205072014-20140705_8665-205072014-20140705_8666-2Red vintage floral kimono & Ivory rose headband 

05072014-20140705_8661-205072014-20140705_8654-205072014-20140705_8649-2Black vintage floral kimono & Black roses crown

05072014-20140705_8679-205072014-20140705_8680-205072014-20140705_8682-205072014-20140705_8686-205072014-20140705_8688-2Beige vintage floral kimono & Fuchsia feathers headdress


Kimonos are everywhere this year and you won’t stop seeing them! They are so versatile they can be worn on any occasion and they can fit everyone.

If you are following our shop on Etsy you already may have seen all those new designs. All handmade in my studio with 100% silk fabric.

Brand new designs will be available very soon. Stay tuned!




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