Great Sand Dunes.


Dress : Free People

Hi guys, I hope everyone had an amazing week-end! We arrived in Las Vegas yesterday morning and we went to have some fun on the strip last night. We are going to pick up our new car at the airport and we will head off to Los Angeles after that.

I wanted to post our travel pictures in chronological order but I just couldn’t wait to show you the amazing photographs we took in national parks. I really enjoyed visiting all the cities we went to but my favorite part of our trip so far was to discover the breathtaking american wild. There is so much diversity in the landscapes here that you are amazed all day long and you can’t never be bored!

This set of images is not the first one we shot in a national park as the first one was in White Sands, but it was the second one at Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. It was kind of tough to shoot there as we had to hike dunes which were 200meter high for some of them. The weather was of course freezing up there so we didn’t shoot for long and that’s why I kept my pair of jeans underneath my dress. I couldn’t be bare legs! Also we had to face sandstorm to get back down, it was crazy! We were really glad we did it but next time we will for sure do not shoot there and we will be equipped to hike.

Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Great Sand Dunes, Colorado.


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