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IMG_2762IMG_2752IMG_2778IMG_2771IMG_2785IMG_2803IMG_2789IMG_2807IMG_2775IMG_2809IMG_2796IMG_2759IMG_2798✩ I'M WEARING ✩
Fringed Jacket : She Inside
Hat Band : Doll Poupée
Floppy Hat : American Apparel
Dress : Molly bracken
High boots : Zara
Skull Necklace + Chrysocolle ring : Roots and Feathers
Rings + Crochet flowers bracelet : Eco Design project

After months and months of research I finally got to buy my first Emmanuelle chair. This is not exactly what I wanted basically, but now that I have it I couldn’t dream of a better one!

It’s been a while since we have not taken any indoor pictures, but when we brought that chair home it was the first thing we wanted to do. It can be tricky to take indoor photos when you do not have the material needed such as spotlights for example but I am pretty happy with the result. Actually, I was worried that we wouldn’t properly see how stunning is that fringed jacket from SHE INSIDE as my outfit is mostly black. But I was wrong!

Also, I wanted to talk to you about the jewels I am wearing. They are all coming from two stores I found on ETSY. Their names are Roots and Feathers and Eco Design Project, both from America.
I love supporting artists all around the world by buying their designs which are most of the time “one-of-a-kind”. It makes more sense and personality to me, to own that kind of jewels.


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