Monument Valley.


Dress : Spell Designs
Shoes : Mjus
Hat : Topshop
Thunderbird bracelet : Doll Poupée
Huge onyx ring : Spell Designs
Small onyx ring : Aloha Gaia
Ring Stackers : Nik Dreamer
Cuff : Torchlight Jewelry

I was really looking forward to show you guys those pictures we shot in Monument Valley a month ago already! This set of images is one of my favorite we shot on this trip so far. I just love this wild west and desert scenery. Those are the landscapes I love the most in the US.

What I wanted to visit the most in the Unites States was the desert. So those pictures are kind of special and very memorable to me as Monument Valley was the first national park we ever visited that was located in the desert. The night before we stayed in the city Blanding in Utah that was a 1 hour drive from Monument Valley. The road we took to come there was just wonderful to watch all long the way. We really enjoyed an amazing first time in the desert! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get inside the park with our car as it was to low but we didn’t mind at all as it was wonderful to watch from outside anyway.

Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Monument Valley, Arizona & Utah.


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