Mungo National Park Travel Diary


Hat : Fillipo Catarzi
Kimono : Spell Designs
Top : Spell Designs
Jean’s : Salsa
Boots : A.S 98

I am currently sitting at Melbourne’s airport waiting for our flight to New Zealand to depart. After 9 months spent in Australia and 6 months living on the road in a van, it was time for us to leave and to venture to new amazing places. We will spend 3 weeks to beautiful New Zealand both north and south island and there we will be heading to Asia and our first stop will be Bali for 3 weeks of bliss.

Even though I am leaving Australia, I still have a lot of pictures to share along with city guides! I have been saying that our video we shot in Silverton would be up next, but we all the things we had to do before leaving the country we just couldn’t manage to finish it properly.

So today I am sharing a travel diary from our adventures at world heritage national park Mungo. We went there two months ago to shoot our brand new feathers headband collection. We stayed for 3 days and camped on the park. It was really relaxing as there were not a lot of people and we didn’t get any device on our phones so we just enjoyed the moment. On our first day we explored the entire park to find the best spot for our shooting and to admire this breathtaking land. Now that I am leaving I can say that this was by far my favorite national park I visited in Kangaroos’ country. Both sunrises and sunsets were absolutely stunning and the landscapes were from another planet.

Pictures taken by Emilien Gery.
Location : Mungo National Park, NSW, Australia.

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