Nashville, TN.


Hat : Topshop
Kimono : Spell Designs
Jeans : Salsa
Shoes : Mjus
Cuff : Torchlight

Hey there, I am currently on a bus (again) on my way to Austin, Texas. We sadly left New Orleans a few hours ago. The city of Jazz has been such a great experience and I can tell you that this lovely Louisiana city has been the favorite I had visited on this trip so far. I can’t wait to come back there one day! But we’ll get back to it when I will show you the pictures I took there.

After many articles about NYC (I will update my tips and good addresses in a few weeks), it was about damn time I post about the second city we went to: Nashville, Tennessee.
We arrived there on Monday 27th after 2hours of flight from New York. We discovered a very musical airport and such a wonderful weather. We were so glad to finally stored our coats in our suitcases and be able to wear some springtime clothes!
We took the city bus to go downtown and met the most adorable driver ever. He helped us out a lot with our buses directions and recommended us a few things. We were the only tourists and white people in the bus so of course people where wondering were we were from and why we were here. They all said hi, sat next to us to talk and helped us with our suitcases. It felt so good to be surrounded by caring and nice people for a while, as sadly as it can be, we are not used to it.

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Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Nashville, TN

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