NEWS FROM THE SHOP : The Paisley Kimono


The Paisley kimono in Coffee
The Paisley kimono in Army Green 
The Paisley kimono in Red and Blue

Here is a brand new editorial I shot for my label last week. We met up with Alicia, our newest muse and created some magic together for a new batch of kimono I made last week (actually just a few hours before our shoot). For the little story Alicia and I didn’t know each other until we met for the shooting. It was actually the first time I did something like that, I was a tad stressed out at first to be honest but I am so glad I went through with it because we had such a great time and the pictures are awesome! Maybe you don’t know that but I am actually a shy and introvert person so most of the time I cancel or say no to everything because I am too scared and feel sick to my stomach and it is really stupid! But as we just woke up to a brand new year I thought I would do things I am not use to do more often. And let me just say that it feels so damn good to step out your confront zone for a while!

This brand new batch features a delicate and beautiful fabric made out of 70% coton and 30% polyester. It has a wonderful paisley and Aztec print and it is so comfy to wear. I made this design in five colors and today you saw the coffee, army green and red but stay tuned for the blue and orange one! I am going to shoot them tomorrow.

Muse : Alicia Cayrat
Photographer/Creative Director : Me
Location : Secret mansion in France


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