On the road to Byron Bay travel diary.

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And here is finally the little diary from our first ever road-trip with our beloved van. So let’s take it from the start… 6 weeks ago, my partner in crime and I sadly left Melbourne to go to a little piece of paradise called Byron Bay. Byron Bay is located 1500km from Melbourne so it’s a 19 hours drive. You can either drive from the coast or in land. We chose in land as we wanted to arrive as soon as possible. Driving in land in Australia means seeing basically nothing or pretty much the same landscape for hours and hours! It was so damn long and sometimes very boring but we crossed some lovely little towns in the middle of nowhere and met the friendliest inhabitants ever. We also drove on unsealed roads which was funny and scary both at the same time, saw a lot of wildlife and visited some great national parks!

Here is the list of what we have been up to (in order of appearance) :

Girgarre, VIC : Located just 2h30 from Melbourne it was the first stop of our journey. offers a great free campsite with clean toilets. Showers available for a cost.

Nathalia, VIC : A western-like town where we stop for gaz.

– Mirool, NSW : Mirool, the town with 25 inhabitants.

– Forbes, NSW : A very peaceful and lovely town where we enjoyed a pic-nic in the most clean park ever!

Mount Kaputar National Park, NSW : Located in Narrabri this amazing national park offers some great hiking trails and amazing views over the mountains. We had the most amazing and magical drive ever there when we first arrived. As we slowly went up to the camping site the golden light was appearing through the leaves of the trees and let us speechless for the entire evening!

Sawn Rocks National Park, NSW : It is part of the Mount Kaputar National Park

Ashford, NSW : Literally located in the middle of nowhere we don’t even know how the hell we got there but we ended up having a delicious banana milkshake!


Pictures taken by Emilien Gery.
Location : Somewhere between Melbourne and Byron Bay, Australia.


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