On the road to paradise.


IMG_1752IMG_1765IMG_1730IMG_1771IMG_1719IMG_1758IMG_1714IMG_1764I'M WEARING ✩
Headband : Topshop
Dress : Mister Zimi
Sandals : Zalando

I am having such a hard time editing my travel pictures, I do not know why! Maybe it’s because of the changing season. It’s just feels a little weird for me to post pictures I took during summertime on a beautiful island, while I am currently wearing layer and tights actually! I guess now I am in a mood where I just want to move forward and to share outfits according to the current season. That’s why I’ve decided to post those pictures today, this outfit could totally be worn right now but with a jacket on top of course!

Anyway, we took those pictures on our way to the most wonderful beach we have ever seen that I will talk you about in my next article. The dress I am wearing is from an amazing brand that I love MISTER ZIMI. They are currently having a seasonal sale on their website before launching their summer collection!

Photographs taken by Roman Di Zazzo

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