Paris Travel Diary – Part 2

IMG_0053Some Instagram snaps and new addresses.

IMG_0045IMG_0117The best Cheescake I have ever eaten. How seriously giant it is!
45 rue Francs Bourgeois 75004 Paris - M° Saint Paul (1)

IMG_0079IMG_0213IMG_0169IMG_0214IMG_0216IMG_0217IMG_0218IMG_0219IMG_0220Homemade iced tea are the best!
Place du marché 75 004 Paris – M° Saint Paul (1)


Second and last diary from our trip to Paris. Here are the Instagram snaps I took over the week-end.

The pictures at the end are from Rock en Seine the festival we attended to. The first and only time I went to this festival was 3 years ago and I remember we had so much fun! It was great to come back we really had a wonderful time and we saw some amazing gigs! Our favourite was by far Janelle Monae. That girl is just fire on stage she made the entire audience up on their feet singing and dancing.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving to crete. Make sure to follow the Instagram account to see some pictures :)

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