Perry Sand Hills


Cap : Fallen Broken Street
Dress : Spell Designs
Cardigan : Spell Designs

Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing good. We just arrived in Melbourne a few days ago, where we will stay just a few weeks to sell our van before we go to New Zealand for one month and than Asia for three. I know I said that the next post would be a video but we haven’t finished it quite yet so here is a set of pictures we shot a few weeks back in the Outback of NSW.

We found those beautiful dunes on our way back from Broken Hill. I discovered them by chance really, as I was checking our itinerary on Google maps I saw a little camera icons saying Perry Sand Hills, I clicked on it and it opened pictures that were absolutely beautiful. I am so glad I found them and that it was located just 8 km from where we were. I always loved dunes and deserts. I don’t know where it came from but I always have a deep connection to it. I just love seating there and staring at the horizon for a while. I love the peace and the tranquility. I love walking barefoot on the warm sand. I love the landscape. I feel powerful there and I feel at home.

Pictures taken by Emilien Gery.
Location : Perry Sand Hills, NSW, Australia.

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