Postcard from Noosa.


Hat : Filippo Catarzi
Hat Band : Doll Poupée
Kimono : Doll Poupée
Bikini : Andi Bagus

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing just fine! We are currently road-trippin’ the east coast south and seeing a lot of amazing landscapes along the way. We don’t know where we are heading to yet but we will definitely made our way to Sydney and the Blue Mountains in a couple of days. Anyway, here is a set of pictures we shot a few weeks back when we travelled the East-Coast north to Fraser Island. Those pictures where taken in Noosa National Park. I know it’s the second set we shot there but what can we say, we loved that place so much we visited on our way up and down.

After hiking within the national park on a very warm autumn day, we stopped for a swim at the lovely beach located near the entrance. People where chilling, the surfers where hitting the waves and the sun was slowly going down leaving a wonderful golden color all over the place.

The kimono I am wearing is from our shop but currently out of stock at the moment but still available in a beautiful brown here. I will make new kimonos as soon as we will settle down in a home so I can set up a studio to make brand new designs!

Pictures taken by Emilien Gery.
Location : Noosa, Australia.

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