Quite blue.


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Huge article today folks!
It literally took me ages to post these pictures as we shot them with my friend Myriam during my trip to Guadeloupe last March. After 5 months they are finally up on the blog and I am so glad to finally show them to you guys!

We spent more than 2 hours shooting this review because I really couldn't take Myriam away from the camera haha! So at the end of the day we had around 500 photos and I have to say that is quite a lot to sort out!!! I think you can now understand why it took me so long to add the article on the blog!
Anyway, we really had a wonderful time and we had so much fun together. I really wanted to thank Myriam for her dedication because she is not a photographer at all and she did amazing didn't she?! 

This breathtaking and very unique skirt was made to measure for Myriam by a Spanish designer. It is hand painted it is an original piece and it is so beautiful. I was so excited when she asked me if I wanted to shoot a review with it for my blog.

It's quite unusual from the regular posts but I love doing that kind of shooting as much as the other ones. You will definetely see more stuff like that in the future.

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One thought on “Quite blue.

  1. Merci pour cet article, j’ai adoré me rappeler ce moment magique!… J’ai eu la chance de t’avoir comme modèle, le lieu, la robe, le vent, notre complicité… Tu es vraiment une artiste!
    J’attends ta prochaine visite pour revivre une telle expérience!
    Félicitations pour ton travail…

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