Sunset in Saint-Tropez


Cap : Asos
Dress : Spell Designs
Shoes : L’une et L’autre via Alanis
Watch : Kerbholz


Cap : Brixton
Shirt : Vintage store in Byron Bay
Short : Topshop
Shoes : Dr Martens
Watch : Kerbholz
Bag : Ona Bag

Last week we went to the Côte-d’Azur to spend a few days in Saint-Tropez. I haven’t been there for 10 years and it was so great to be back in this lovely city. I used to come here every summer when I was a kid and I still have amazing memories from my holidays on the French riviera.

We shot this outfit right after we arrived in Saint-tropez. It wasn’t plan at all as we were just settling down but sometimes in life the best things are the ones unplanned. We were just wandering around the pier, the sun started to go down, the light was perfect, the color of the sea spectacular and we captured the moment just as it was.


Photographer : Emilien Gery
Location : Saint-Tropez, France







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