Sunset in Sainte-Anne


Top/Scarf : Emmanuelle Silk
Skirt : Asos
Sunglasses : Vintage Sunglasses 00
Headband : I’m with the band

And here we are with our second editorial from Guadeloupe. After 10 days there I stil hadn’t seen a proper sunset and you know how much I love sunset so everyday I was expecting it like a child on a Christmas morning. That day we were blessed to see one even though it was not as orange and pink as it is usually is on this beautiful island we had such a magical time shooting and watching the beauty taking place before our eyes before it slowly disappear.

I put up together this outfit for our project with Emanuelle Silk. “Emmanuelle, Fashion Made of Silk” is a Greek label that specialize in high quality and beautiful silk scarf. I fell in love with this one that matches perfectly my personal style. Here I decided to wear it as a top over a velvet skirt but there are many other way to wear it. As a belt over a pair of flare jeans, tied to your basket bag, as a headband and of course as a scarf!

We shot another editorial for this label so stay tuned for the second look…

Photographer : Stéphane Di Zzazo
Location : Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe





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