Sur la plage abandonnée


Boater Hat : Lack Of Color
Top : Zara
Skirt : Maison Hotel
Shoes : Dkode
Basket : L’Aubier

Since I have been back in my beautiful home country last November I have been drawn by our strong cultural heritage. Maybe it’s because I was living abroad for the past year and secretly missing France or it just that discovering other places made me realize how much I am fond of my heritage. Lately I have been inspired by all our French muses such as Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy and of course the iconic Brigitte Bardot. In this summery white outfit I am channeling my inner BB walking down her footstep in a colorful city that she herself, made famous in the 50’s. I am wearing a beautiful skirt from a Spanish brand I discovered last year MAISON HOTEL

Photographer : Emilien Gery
Location : Saint-Tropez, France

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2 thoughts on “Sur la plage abandonnée

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