The 60’s & 70’s Doll.


IMG_5086IMG_5060IMG_5059IMG_5083IMG_5074IMG_5047IMG_5079IMG_5080IMG_5113IMG_5048IMG_5109IMG_5042IMG_5078IMG_5100✩ I'M WEARING ✩
Beret : Paris' tourist shop
Dress + Blouse : Topshop
Boots : Zara
Bracelet : By Garance
Purse : Lancaster

Here is the first outfit of 2015! We are really proud to show you guys this brand new story we shot at my parents’ house. All the set up was just perfect for this outfit I think, because it really match my look very well. I am so happy with this new set of images because it really changes from all we have done before and I want to do shooting like that all year long!
I really do love indoors photo-shoots but sometimes it can be very tricky to do it if you do not have the right material (lens, flash) like we do. But that day everything went well and we really like the result. Until spring will come to town, you will see a lot of shooting like this one I think. Do you guys like it?

The lovely dress I am wearing is from the amazing Fall/winter 14’s Topshop collection. You can buy it now on sale for only 26€. Go for it guys, you won’t regret it!


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