The beautiful Yosemite.

20150618_397520150618_396220150618_397120150618_396320150618_397820150618_398220150618_399520150618_399720150618_3998 Sunglasses: Pink Bells, T-Shirt: Skyline Fever, Skirt: Spell designs, Shoes: As98

20150619_382020150619_381920150619_381420150619_3822Hat: Topshop
 Top: Missguided
Skirt: Pepe jeans (old)

Oh Yosemite, you’re so wonderful! We didn’t spent as much time there as we wanted to but we had a beautiful preview of what a paradise on earth is this place. Two words to describe it : peace and serenity.

If you plan to visit this amazing national park I really advice you to spend at least 2 days there (3 would be perfect) to have plenty of time to discover all the most beautiful points, and there is apparently so many to see! Also, make sure to book your accommodation within the park to avoid wasting time on the road before getting to the park, as you will already spend a lot of time in your car to get to one point to another. It could sometimes take up to 2 hours to drive within the park. And if you like camping, this location will offer you one of the best scenery to wake up to.

I am currently preparing a recap article with all the national parks we went to where I will give you some tips and informations. Coming soon, stay tuned!


Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Yosemite, California.


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