The first walk on the beach.


Dress : Spell Designs
Necklace : Eco Design Project

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing fine! We left Sacramento this morning to go to the beautiful Lake Tahoe in California. In exactly one week from now our beautiful road trip will be over as I will get on a plane and come back home after 9 weeks spent in the USA. 7 days to go on the beautiful American roads driving and discovering some amazing places. A trip we will never forget!

This outfit is the first one we shot on the beach and also the first one in California. It was on our first day in LA we were tired by all the driving we have done the week before so we thought it was a good idea to rest around the sea. Since the beginning of our trip we have dreamed about walking barefoot in the sand while listening to the sound of the waves. We went to Santa Monica to have a pic-nic and we waited for the sun to go down and embrace the Santa Monica’s mountains with some beautiful shades of pink and orange. Unfurtunaly the weather was not that hot so we couldn’t sunbathed or swim but our first meeting with the Californian beaches was just too perfect.
As I told you before I am no longer posting our travel pictures in chronological order as there are some outfits I really want to show you before some other. It’s the case for this one! I am wearing a dress from the latest collection of Spell Designs. I got two other pieces which are completely different from this one and all got their own style. Can’t wait to show you the outfits we shot with those stunning pieces. Stay tuned !


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Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Santa Monica, California.


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