The lighthouse.


Pink Bracelet : Doll Poupée
Blouse : Spell Desings
Skirt : Spell Designs
Headband : Vintage
Necklace : Eco Design Project
Coin Bracelet : Shantique Designs

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I posted something on the blog and I can not say that I do not have anything on stock as we got tones and tones of pictures to show you from our travels. It’s been kind of tricky those past few weeks to keep the blog up-to-date as we are always on the road and exploring new lands we sometimes do not have the time to stop at a library and when we do, it’s either Saturday or Sunday so they are closed unfortunately.

Anyway, here is a set of images we shot a month ago in sunny Byron Bay, our little piece of paradise in Australia that we sadly left but where we will be back soon! So we did the hike from Watego’s beach up to the lighthouse on a very sunny and hot Wednesday morning and snapped this outfit when we arrived at the top (after 10 long minutes of rest as the walk is pretty intense!). This outfit seems like a fairy tale to me now that we are traveling south and experiencing our first winter in Australia. It’s not that cold than the ones we have in Europe, but I have to say that I really do not like winter here and I have been very moody lately ha ha. For me Australia is a country where summer never ends… But this is just a dream as there is definitely a winter here. Not a very cold one though but enough to wear a coat, beanies and gloves. Way too much for me! So I really miss those summer days


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