The Ultimate Guide to Cassis, France.

“Qui a vu Paris, s’il n’a pas vu Cassis, n’a rien vu”
Frédéric Mistral.


When28-31 August (3 nights and 4 days)
How : By car from Lyon, 212 miles 3h20
How much : 550€ for two

Last week Emilien and I went for the very first time to the lovely French city Cassis located east-south. After I returned home from my trip to the United States I realized that I didn’t know my own country that well. This last couple of years I’ve been dying to discover the entire world but I didn’t even thought about exploring what was surrounding me and everyone knows that France is a wonderful country full of many different kind of landscapes. So since I get back home we’ve been wandering to new places not so far from where we live. We’ve planned to go to as much location as we can before leaving to Australia.

Plan your trip to Cassis :



IMG_6912bis1 – L’ESCALIER
4 rue Mistral, 13260 Cassis. ☎ +33 4 42 32 33 80

Located in a lovely street near the pier and away from it’s hustle and bustle, this place served a typical Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh products from the local market.
The atmosphere is very cozy and intimate and the welcoming is warm and very friendly. We highly suggest the “assiette de la mer” with a glass of local white wine.


IMG_6959bis2 – LE NAÏO
6 quai Carnot13260 Cassis. ☎ +33 4 42 01 94 78

Ideally located at the beginning of the pier this authentic and original bistro is the perfect place to have a drink and/or eat on the run. Only organic and local products are served here in a simple cuisine yet unpretentious. I dare you to taste their quirky ice cream’s flavors like Espelette pepper and foie gras.

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IMG_1359bis3 – LE GOLFE
3 Place du Grand Carnot, 13260 Cassis. ☎ +33 4 42 01 00 21

We always talk about the good spots but never about the one to avoid and this one is for sure a good example! We went in for a breakfast which was a continental buffet worth 10€ that was really poor in quality and quantity not to mention the really bad welcoming we had.  That is such a shame because this restaurant has a very good location and a great view on the pier. For the same price we highly recommend the following establishment.

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23 avenue de l’amiral Ganteaume, 13260 cassis. ☎ +33 6 11 88 92 66.
Infos : Open all day long 7 days a week. Breakfast 10€. Beach bed 16€.

Same Same Beach is one of those spot where you truly feel at home and can picture yourself stay chill and relax all day long! Overlooking the beautiful beach of du Bestouan this super trendy spot offers deliciousfresh and home-made dishes. I am not a French fries addict but those ones were to die for. We were really disappointed that we didn’t have enough time to come back and try their breakfast (hot beverage, fresh fruit salad, pancakes). Anyway, this is one of our favorite spot in Cassis which we highly recommend you!


5 Quai des Baux, 13260 Cassis. ☎ +33 4 42 01 76 09

Formerly frequented by Bardot and Bécaud this place has gain is popularity thanks to his owner, Yvette and her outspokenness which seduced everyone. Our favorite spot in town to have a glass of wine at night and a cup of coffee after lunch while staring at the boats on the pier. It is also possible to eat in.

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4 Avenue Victor Hugo, 13260 Cassis. ☎ +33 4 42 04 65 94

You probably already know this famous artisanal ice-cream brand and maybe saw a lot of similar pictures on Instagram but this place is an inescapable stop to eat an ice-cream in cassis. Very tasty and inventive flavors, there is no surprise that you have to queue before getting your Italian gelato.

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1 Rue Saint Clair
13260 Cassis, France

This hotel was not the best one we went to but we had a very warm welcome and it was ideally located near the pier and the beach was just a 5 min walk away. Perfect if you are not too picky on the comfort (no air conditioning) and if you have a low budget.

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IMG_1278bisThere is many great boutiques in Cassis but we didn’t shopped that much so I do not have a lot of addresses to give you. To buy local products you can go to one of the few retail stores downtown or you can also go to the market (schedule below). To buy wine the best thing to do is to go directly to wineries.

LOCAL PRODUCTS TO BRING HOME : wine, savon de Marseille, fragrance, fouta, olives, artisanal biscuits…

PROVENCAL MARKET : Place Baragnon. Every Wednesdays and Fridays morning.
FARMER MARKET : Place Clémenceau. Every saturdays morning.
FISHERMEN MARKET : Sur le quai. Daily, every morning.

Tips : Buy fresh food at the market and have a pic-nic in the parc next door.


6 Avenue Victor Hugo, 13260 Cassis
Infos : Open 7 days a week, from 9a.m to 7p.m

Before getting on the boat to visit the wonderful Calanques we went to this shop to buy sometreats. I am not such a big fan of sweet but I have to say that those artisanal biscuits were just too delicious! Our favorite was the orange blossom flavor.


8 rue Pierre Eydin, 13260 Cassis
Infos : Open 7 days a week from 10a.m to 7.30p.m

From clothes to accessories and home decor, this shop is the perfect place for all the bohemian souls.




The Calanques were ranked 10th French national park in 2012 and it’s the first parc in Europe to be both peri-urban, marine and terrestrial. Because of the fire risks the parc is open from 6a.m to 11a.m every day. You can either visit the park by hiking or by boat. We did both but as we didn’t bring hiking shoes we only went to the first one (1st picture bellow) but we visited them all by boat the day after.

Calanques cruises (website) : Runs every 30 minutes from 9.30 a.m to 6p.m. Prices from 16€ to 27€. I really advise you to visit at least 5 calanques to see all the beauty of this amazing piece of paradise. We visited 8 in 1h30 and time flew so fast.

IMG_7087Port-Miou : 45 minutes walk from downtown. There is no beach here but you can still find a little room to get in the water. There is a water sports centre there so you can rent all kind of nautical equipment.

IMG_1311En Vau : 2 hours walk from downtown. This creek was nominated one of the world’s most beautiful beaches by National Geographic. It’s such a shame that we do not see it on the picture but the water was clear as a swimming pool and the turquoise color was just heaven on earth! It’s quite a long way to get there but what a prize.



IMG_7078The “route des crêtes” is a 9 miles scenic drive which offers breathtaking panoramic views on the bay of Cassis.


IMG_1187bis unnamedPlage du Bestouan : Look at this clear water, do you really believe that this is a beach located in the south of France… And the answer is damn yes! This creek is small and full of people but you have an amazing view on the cap canaille not to mention the feeling of being on an island.

IMG_1289 testPlage de la Grande Mer : This one is ideally located downtown but there are a lot of people all day long. It is really nice to have a pic-nic there at sunset.


Sunset on the cap canaille. IMG_1257

Pictures taken by Me.
Location : Cassis, France.

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