Un hiver à Paris











Headband : I’m with the band
Hat : Fallen Broken Street
Coat : Kocca
Skirt : Vintage
Boots : Vintage
Belt : Vintage
Dress : Free People


Here is a brand new series we shot with my friend Olivia a few days ago in Paris and it was about time I post new pictures in here! This new set is more like a diary than an editorial really but it is very authentic and totally reflects the weather we are experiencing in Europe right now: COLD COLD COLD!!!
Well, keeping it authentic was not the only reason why I kept my coat, scarf, gloves etc… As you may have seen I completely fall out of the blog lately and haven’t shot any editorial in a very long time. The last time we shot an outfit it was in Australia beginning of August (you can see the post here). Since then I haven’t felt like taking pictures for many many reasons and now I feel completely uncomfortable to strike a pose and have a huge lack of confidence and I think it’s gonna take a little while before I start feeling myself again!

For the past year I have been living on the road travelling to Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Malaysia. Basically, we were supposed to settle down in Australia and stay there for as long as we could and wanted to but it turned out that it was very difficult to find a job with the (fucking) visa we were on so at the end we were bored and really pissed off to do shit jobs and we couldn’t take it anymore so we decided to leave. We left without knowing what we would do after that but it was certain that we would have to go back to France as it was our only home base. But first we wanted to explore the countries around, actually there is only one close by, so we went to New Zealand and on our way back to Europe we stopped in Bali and Malaysia. We had such a wonderful year full of surprises and we met beautiful people from all around the world but now that we went back at our parents we are totally depressed and winter is not helping at all! haha

To explain a little bit more why I have been feeling down lately and the past few months actually, we need to go back to Australia. We stayed there nine months of which seven were spent living in a van. When I say van I need to explain that it was not a proper van but actually a big car with a mattress in the back and it would have been a whole other story with something more fancy! Even if it was so much fun and an amazing experience to live on the road it was also a pretty hard time for us and we completely lost ourselves especially on the creative side! As we did not have electricity in our moving home Emi couldn’t record his music and I couldn’t make new designs for my shop. As for editing pictures, videos and write articles for the blog we had to go to libraries everyday and it was pretty much huge waste of time as the connections were really slow and it took us hours and hours to do what needed to get done. The great thing about living on the road was to be able to discover new places and to take advantage of the amazing sceneries for our shooting. But the inspiration wasn’t there anymore and we didn’t work as much as we wanted to.

Anyway, my inspiration is slowly getting back to normal and new editorials, travel guides, videos and some other projects will soon



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