Venice Beach, CA.

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Hat : Topshop
Top : Missguided
Trousers : Missguided
Boots : Mjus

Oh Venice… One of my favorite place in LA! We took those pictures at the famous Venice beach canals at twilight. I could stay there for hours wandering in front of those amazing houses or reading a book seated on a bridge. This place is very attractive but we found it very quiet and so peaceful. We went there around 8p.m and we were absolutely alone. It was like a dream and very much like in the movies. We could seriously picture ourselves live there forever. Well, of course we could, who couldn’t ?!

What I like the most about Venice Beach is that mixed between this very underground vibe but kind of chic at the same time. I had a strange feeling when we first arrived there and when I saw the Venice’s sign though. I thought well ok, we are here and I can’t really see why everyone is making such a big deal of this place. And then we came back at night, after a long walk in this amazing neighborhood, and then I thought. Oh my gosh, I am finally in front of those iconic and worldwide known letters : V E N I C E. I am so lucky to be there and I know exactly why I was making such a big scene of it!

I was wearing a 70’s inspired outfit from Missguided (trousers and top) which sponsored us on our road trip. This outfit was the perfect look for our visit to Venice that day. Both very comfy and casual.

Pictures taken by Suzy Wolf
Location : Venice Beach, California.


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