Wild West Part 1

IMG_5552IMG_5554IMG_5543IMG_5559IMG_5553Cognac cowboy boots hat band 

IMG_5502copieIMG_5649IMG_5637Black cowboy boots hat band

IMG_5989IMG_5997IMG_6002IMG_6001IMG_5986IMG_6019White cowboy boots hat band

IMG_6197IMG_6191IMG_6192IMG_6205Dark brown cowboy boots hat band

IMG_5528IMG_5506IMG_5521Cognac cactus hat band 

IMG_5498IMG_5657IMG_5658Black cactus hat band

IMG_5903IMG_5921IMG_5914IMG_5937White cactus hat band

IMG_6117IMG_6157IMG_6165IMG_6102Dark brown cactus hat band

And here it is, the lookbook of our brand new hat-band collection “Wild West“!
The items have been listed in our Etsy shop for a few weeks though but I didn’t manage to post the pictures on the blog before. The title of this collection is pretty much a fraud actually as it was not shot in the American wild west obviously but more in the France wild east! Yeah I know, it’s not badass at all when you say it out loud, but look at those amazing landscapes! Anyway, I’m gonna write an article about those two French parks soon.

This collection features two new amazing concho designs: cactus and cowboy boots. This is actually more the reason why I called the collection Wild West rather than the shooting location! Both designs are available in 4 colors: white, black, cognac and dark brown. I also made a black hat-band with coyote conchos but it’s sold out already. I will make some more very soon and this design will be available in the same 4 colors than the boots and cactus ones.

Pictures taken by Emilien Gery
Location : Le Colorado Provençal & Les Terres d’Ocres, France.

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