Winter at the countryside.


IMG_4419IMG_4426IMG_4518IMG_4494IMG_4402IMG_4505IMG_4443IMG_4504IMG_4526IMG_4404IMG_4515IMG_4492✩ I'M WEARING ✩
Hat : American Apparel
Hat Band : Zara
Jacket : Missguided
Jeans : Vila
Top : Show Girl Paris
Boots : Topshop
Buffalo Ring : Spell Designs
Arrow ring & necklace : Torchlight Jewelry

We quickly shot this outfit with my little brother yesterday morning. We were literally freezing our butts off in the cold but it’s been a long time since I haven’t take pictures for the blog so I tried not to look like it was zero degrees outside! I didn’t remember winter was that cold and I wonder how I am going to last all season shooting outfits review in those freezing cold temperatures!

This outfit is the last one for 2014, at least here on the blog, and I couldn’t ask for a better way to end my blog’s year! Wearing a trousers is kind of unusual for me which totally reflects the way I have been feeling lately : STEPPING OUT OF MY CONFORT ZONE! I know that it may sounds silly to say that about a pair of jeans, but all kind of changes, even the tiny little ones, can make all the difference!

Well guys, have a wonderful new year’s eve tomorrow and see you in 2015 !




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